Get Fit The Smart Way

Kessela Physique
Four Payments of $149.75 or $599 Total
Burn Fat
Burn stubborn abdominal fat and achieve your body goals.
Build Muscle
Strengthen and train your abdominal muscles easily and on the go.
Combine tech for better results
Red Light Therapy
Is clinically proven, safe and recognized to help assist with burning fat and in aiding the recovery post workout.
Electrical Muscles Stimulation
Mimics an intensive abdominal workout through electrical pulsations, assisting with building muscle and strengthening the body. body.
Getting fit the smart way
The Kessela belt mimics a full abdominal workout and slimming session, all from the comfort of your own home. Wear for just 10 minutes a day, anywhere and on your own time.
Safe and non-invasive
Easy to clean
Hands-Free Core Contouring
Just attach and go. The abdominal strengthening workouts leave your hands free, giving you the freedom to tone and firm while you multitask.
Hands-Free Core Contouring
Just attach and go. The abdominal strengthening workouts leave your hands free, giving you the freedom to tone and firm while you multitask.
Boost with the touch of a button
Working out has never been so easy. When you need a BOOST, just press a button to feel core contouring pulsations tone your abs. Switch to Red Light Mode during or after for a rejuvenating session of the powerful red LED's to heal and shape your core.
LED light therapy clinical study
Light Therapy is clinically proven in reducing the circumference of the waist, hips, and thighs. "over seven office visits over three weeks to achieve a circumference reduction of an average of 3.5 inches."

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90 day money back guaranteed
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Kessela Physique


Users may experience a gentle warmth, which is emitted by the therapeutic LEDs, as well as a slight tingling and tightness from the EMS electrodes. Increasing the intensity will increase the EMS power levels and at higher levels, users may consider this an unusual sensation while the muscles are contracting and working out.

We recommend consistent daily use for the best results. For beginners, use the Kessela Physique once daily on the Boost setting for 20 minutes. For intermedieate to experienced users, use the Boost setting up to twice daily. If you begin to feel aches, please stop and take a day to recover. During rest periods, your muscles grow stronger. The Red Light Mode can be used multiple times daily, with treatments lasting between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

The Kessela Physique comes in one size with a belt measurement of 26 inches to 45 inches (66cm to 114cm). Included extension strap can extend size up to 60 inches (152cm).

The Kessela Physique utilizes only clinically proven technology that has been shown to be safe and non invasive. With multpile settings to choose from, it is easy to find the most comfortable setting for you. If at any time you feel the belt is too intense, lower the setting or stop use for a day to allow your muscles to recover.

The Electrode Gel ensures a safe passage of the electrodes to the body, and should be applied with every use. To apply, put a small amount on each of the four carbon electrode pads, and spread the gel around the entire pad with your finger. The glob should be no bigger than a pea. If you feel the need to apply more gel at any time, stop the use of the belt and reapply more gel to each of the four carbon electrodes. The gel can be wiped off from long amounts of use. Electrode Gel is only required when using the Boost Settings. No gel is needed when using the Red Light Mode only.

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Customer Success

I love it! I've been using it for about a month now and I'm hooked. You can really feel it working on your abs. I wear it while i'm working at my desk
I got this as a present for my wife and she has had nothing but good reviews! The red light feature is a great addition and she often just uses this by itself. Very happy!
This belt has been amazing. It takes some getting used to but now it has become a daily use for me.
This product is great! On the 1-3 setting its just enough to use while I'm cooking or doing other things. Love!
I have been using this religiously for 2 months and am absolutely in love! This really is the fastest and most effective way I have found to reduce my waist size.
Michele K. - Austin, TX
Andy Gomez
Wendy B
Heather Kaufman